Buttock Augmentations Are Worth It: High Satisfaction Among Women

Seattle Brazilian Butt Lift Buttock Augmentation

Dr. Salemy’s Seattle Brazilian Butt Lift Result

Buttock enhancements are worth it, according to a preliminary Brazilian study presented at the 2013 annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in San Diego. Of the 58 women in the study who had buttock augmentation using their own fat, 98% were highly satisfied with their results with no major complications.

Buttock augmentation reshapes and enhances the gluteal region. The two most commonly used options to perform the buttock enhancements in the United States are:

1) Autologous fat transfer, also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. This option grafts excess fat from a patient’s own body part to add volume to another. Liposuction is used in conjunction to harvest fat and to further refine and mold the buttock to a patient’s desired shape.

2) Buttock implants. Either solid or cohesive silicone gel implants can be used to lift the buttock for a fuller, curvier shape and look.

The study also sheds light on the increase in illegal buttock injections performed by unqualified individuals with little or no plastic surgery training. Seattle Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shaharam Salemy cautions that the use of injected silicone liquid into the buttock poses great medical risks, including the possibility of silicone migrating to other body parts, and doesn’t provide the aesthetic results desired.

Dr. Salemy adds, “Having a board certified plastic surgeon perform the procedure and the use of safe, proven techniques is important in ensuring desired outcomes and mitigating health complications.”

Dr. Salemy performs the Brazilian Butt Lift in his Seattle office for those looking to enhance their buttocks.

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