The Brazilian Butt Lift is Gaining Popularity in Seattle!

The Brazilian butt lift is quickly becoming a very popular operation here in the northwest.  It’s a great way for women to add some fullness to areas of that need a lift (often due to weight loss or aging) by simply using their own fat.  The procedure is very straightforward and what we do is remove fat from the areas that may have too much (such as the love handles, outer and inner thighs), then concentrate the fat and use it to sculpt, fill and lift the gluteal region to give a more full, rounded look.

Here is a photo of one of my  patient’s taken during the procedure.  The first photo shows the areas that we will harvest the fat from (mainly the outer thighs and the lower back and love handles).  Patients get kind of a “two for one” because not only are we going to add fullness where they want it but we’ll also slim the areas they want thinner:


After we harvest and concentrate the fat, we then re-inject it into the key areas of the buttock that will create a more youthful, rounded appearance.  Even laying down during surgery, you can see a very nice difference:


What’s great about this procedure is that it’s your own tissue, not an implant– buttock implants can get infected or can be really uncomfortable, but with a Brazilian butt lift we’re using your own fat to get the results we want.  The other nice thing is that we can use as much or as little as your fat as you like based on your goals for the procedure and what you want your final look to be.

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