Dr. Salemy’s Patient: Sara Hagen, a Mommy Makeover Success

Sara Hagen Mommy Makeover

Sara Hagen, one of Dr. Salemy’s patients, appeared on The Scene magazine that covers Seattle’s Eastside. With the help of Dr. Salemy, Hagen, a 36 year old mother of two from Bozeman, Montana, underwent a mommy makeover procedure that restored her pre-pregnancy body and self-confidence. The plastic surgery included a tummy tuck, breast lift and breast augmentation.

On Dr. Salemy, Hagen dished out on receiving amazing and quality care from a plastic surgeon who was professional, warm and personable.

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In a testimonial video Hagen confessed the following about her mommy makeover:

“It’s hard to describe the confidence that I have now that I don’t think I ever had, even before I had my little girls.”

“I feel comfortable in my own skin, that’s something I never really had before and that has done amazing things for me.”

“Finding someone like Dr. Salemy I think is rare. I don’t think there is a lot of people in his profession that have the care for people that he has, the desire to really get to know his patients, the desire to really know how they feel, I got really lucky to meet him. For me i don’t know how else to thank him, but by telling people how amazing he is. He’s the real deal.

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