Buttock Augmentation via Implants or Fat Transfer?

Seattle Buttock Augmentation

A Buttock Augmentation is an increasingly popular plastic surgery procedure employed by women worldwide to enhance and uplift their gluteal profile. Buttock augmentation or Buttock Implant is possible through the use of implants or fat transfer. Also known as the Brazilian Butt lift, this cosmetic procedure provides individuals with the shape, fullness, and lift that is desired for those who feel their buttocks are small or lack the volume and shape they desire.  This procedure is also extremely helpful for those who have experienced dramatic weight loss that causes considerable changes in the body, including very common sagging buttocks.

One popular form of buttock augmentation involves the use of buttock implants. It is performed in a fashion that is similar to breast augmentation, using implants that have been filled with saline or silicone in order to give the buttocks the lift, shape, and fullness that an individual desires. However, patients risk the possibility that their implants could actually slip post-procedure and cause an imbalanced appearance. According to Dr. Shahram Salemy, a highly respected plastic surgeon practicing in the state of Washington, the fat transfer Buttock Augmentation procedure also can produce outstanding results. Fat transfer, also referred to as fat grafting, involves the removal of unnecessary fat from other parts of the body through liposuction. Though some of the fat that is then injected into the buttocks may be reabsorbed, Dr. Salemy prefers the natural, attractive, durable and more long-term results that can be achieved via fat transfer. Dr. Salemy would recommend that any patient considering buttock augmentation consider each option carefully in consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon before making a final decision on a procedure that can truly transform a person’s life.

A graduate of Yale University Medical School, Dr. Shahram Salemy is also an ASMB Board Certified plastic surgeon and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Salemy has made it his personal mission to help each of his patients realize their aesthetic goals through the latest, safest advances in plastic surgery.

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