Plastic Surgery: Not Just for the Affluent & Middle-Aged Anymore

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While the majority of cosmetic procedure patients was comprised of those aged 35 to 50, the age group most commonly associated with aesthetic surgery, 2012 saw an increase in procedures across ALL age groups.  Whereas 43% of all cosmetic procedures were performed on this age group (Breast Augmentation being the most popular among this segment), approximately 1% of all cosmetic procedures were performed on young men and women 18 years and younger, 19% of all cosmetic procedures were performed on men and women 19 – 34 years, 29% of all cosmetic procedures were performed on men and women between 51 – 64 years old and 8% of all procedures were performed on men and women 65 and older.

The most common procedures among these age groups:

  • 18 Years and Younger:  Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty)
  • 19 – 34 Years:  Breast Augmentation
  • 35 – 50 Years:  Liposuction
  • 51 – 64 Years:  Eyelift (Blepharoplasty)
  • 65 Years & Older:  Facelift

It used to be too that plastic surgery was perceived to be out of reach for many average Americans, a luxury reserved for only the affluent – Not so anymore as safer, more innovative techniques, easier financing and an increased popularity among all socioeconomic groups to achieve aesthetic goals through aesthetic procedures has driven the increase in cosmetic procedures across broader income groups.

The breadth and depth of procedures available, coupled with all of the factors driving increased procedures across income groups mentioned above, has really led to a general surge in cosmetic surgery among the populace.  This is evident in our own office, where we have been treating a diverse array of patients.

We’d love to hear your thoughts:  Are you and your peers more apt to consider plastic surgery these days than ever before?

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