Most Popular Tummy Tuck Questions Answered

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Considering a Tummy Tuck?  Dr. Salemy always advises potential candidates to consult with a Board-Certified plastic surgeon, one who has had particular success with the procedure, and to ask lots of questions!  Here now are some of the most popular and frequently asked questions and Dr. Salemy’s answers regarding the popular tummy-slimming procedure.

How much does a Tummy Tuck cost?
Tummy tuck prices vary by region and surgeon.  Prices for tummy tucks can vary based on the part of the country you live in as well as the individual surgeon. These can vary from $6000 or less to over $10000.  There are a couple of things to consider:
•           The fee you may be quoted may only be the surgeon’s fee. Remember, there will also be a fee for the facility (hospital operating room or an ambulatory surgery center) as well as the anesthesia.
•           Be careful with those who advertise bargain basement prices. Remember, in the end it’s your body and health, and you want to have the best possible result at a price that is fair for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your particular part of the country.

Is It Safe to Perform Tummy Tuck Surgery Right After a C-section?
There are multiple reasons to NOT have a tummy tuck right after a c-section:
•           Your skin and muscles are stretched from the pregnancy. They will contract down significantly on their own – how much and how quickly is different in everyone, and this will dictate the type of procedure you would need.
•           You will have just undergone a major operation in the C-section, and we don’t want to add the risk of complications by performing another one at the same time.
•           You will have just given birth, and will likely not only be exhausted from the pregnancy, but will now have to dedicate a tremendous amount of your time and effort to caring for your child – this is not a good time to have an elective procedure.
So I would wait, usually a minimum of 6 months after your C-section, before the tummy tuck. A little bit of patience early on will give you the best chance at an excellent, safe result.

Tummy Tuck Vs Liposuction for Abdomen?
My abdomen has always been large in proportion to my body, but after 3 C-sections, it is huge. I could pass for being 5-6 months pregnant. I have done multiple abdominal exercises and nothing works. What do you recommend?
Given your description of your abdomen, I would imagine a tummy tuck would be the best procedure for you. It’s an operation designed to tighten the abdominal wall muscles as well as to remove any excess skin that you may have low on your abdomen. Some liposuction can be performed at the same time, but the best thing to do is to consult with a couple of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in your area and get their opinions on what would work best for you.

Do I Need a Mini or a Full Tummy Tuck?
It’s always difficult to know for sure what your best option is without an examination, but in general most women who have had kids tend to do better with a full tummy tuck.  The reason is that the rectus muscles widen throughout their length, not just below the belly button, in order to make room for the pregnancy, and I think based on your photo you probably have some of that persisting above your belly button as well as below it.  So during the procedure we would need to tighten the entire length of that muscle and this can best be done with a full tummy tuck.  I think the price (longer incisions) is in most cases worth the result (flatter contour of the abdomen) but the best thing to do is to speak with a qualified plastic surgeon in person, have an examination and let him or her go over your options in detail.

Healing Bruises After Tummy Tuck and Liposuction
I just had Liposuction and a full Tummy Tuck done a week ago and have extensive bruising from my hips to my knees, both sides of my stomach area, and the pubic area. How long before these bruises heal, and how can I speed up the healing process?

Most of the bruising resolves by 2 weeks.  In most cases, the bruising is much improved by 2 weeks, and the swelling by anywhere from 2-4 weeks. I find that simple things like walking and gentle massage really do help, but time is the best treatment…Talk directly with your surgeon as he or she will have their own specific protocols for the post-surgery period.

I Want to Have a Tummy Tuck in 6-9 Months. Is It Too Early to Have a Consultation?
As long as you are close your goal weight and do not plan on gaining or losing a significant amount of weight in the next few months, it should be fine.  Most of us will usually see patients a few weeks before the surgery date for a preop visit to go over things again, so if things have changed since the initial consultation we’ll be able to discuss it.

I think it also helps to maybe speak to more than one surgeon and look at their before and after photos, as each surgeon has their own style and techniques, and if you are thinking about having the procedure in the fall, then you may have some time to do this.

Good luck!

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