What is Brotox and Why Do Men Love It?

Brotox Botox for MenWhile it’s probably true that most men are probably not sitting around chatting about their skincare routines, the truth is that a man’s face and skin can play a much more significant role in self-confidence than you might believe.

Most men typically focus on retaining youth and virility through weightlifting and clean diets that promote a lean, sculpted physique. However, this new “Brotox” trend shows that men are beginning to realize that there is more to youthfulness than remaining fit as they age.

Is Brotox Different from Botox?

The truth is that “Brotox” and Botox are the same thing. The term is a cheeky, everyday play on the Botox name. In fact, Botox is just a brand name for a trio of FDA-approved injectables that all use the same active ingredient, botulinum toxin.

What Can Botox Do for Men?

Essentially, Botox injections provide all of the same benefits to men that women have been enjoying for decades. While it is deemed more socially acceptable for men to sport wrinkles and lines, the truth is that it can be a blow to your confidence to look in the mirror and feel old.

Botulinum toxin injections work by temporarily and strategically paralyzing muscle tissue in the face. This isn’t the “frozen” or expressionless look that you might have seen on TV or heard your mother or grandmother talk about, however.

Modern Botox is highly targeted so that only the immediate muscle tissue responsible for causing pesky “repetition” wrinkles, such as frown lines and forehead furrows, is immobilized. This helps dissipate existing lines and wrinkles while preventing new ones from forming or worsening.

Is Brotox Really as Popular as It Sounds?

You might be feeling like this all sounds a bit farfetched. After all, it’s highly likely that you’ve never had a conversation with male colleagues or friends that involved everyone talking about who had Botox that week.

The fact remains that many men do still feel some amount of shame and stigma when it comes to openly admitting that they’ve had a cosmetic procedure done. However, the numbers tell a much different story than your male acquaintances might lead you to believe.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Botox is the number-one treatment requested by men. In 2019, men accounted for 10 percent of all Botox injections. While that number dropped slightly in 2020 due to COVID-19, it’s still worth noting that male botulinum toxin injection numbers have been steadily rising over the past decade.

Is It Worth It For Men to Get Botox Injections?

The question of whether or not it’s “worth it” is subjective, but there are plenty of potential benefits and very few drawbacks.

Botox injections can give men a more confident, positive outlook on life, and help them feel more youthful, virile and self-assured in the workplace, on Zoom meetings and in the dating pool.  Strategic Botox injections can help men achieve the look that helps them feel much more comfortable in all of these environments.

Where Should Men Go for Botox Treatments?

To get the best, most natural results, men should always seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon’s office. Board-certified plastic surgeons have years of training and expertise, and they’re backed by reputable, credentialing institutions like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Credentialed plastic surgeons are also able to offer more personalized treatments to meet specific aesthetic goals. Discussing these with your Surgeon’s office can help you attain the look you’ve been wanting.