Breast Surgery Consultation

Seattle Breast Augmentation

Any woman who is considering breast surgery should begin with a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. This meeting is an opportunity to explore the options and discuss what is possible, practical, and optimal. The more preparation that potential patients do for this meeting, the more helpful it will be.


What are the Goals?

Anyone considering cosmetic surgery probably has a basic idea of what they want. They may want to go up or down a cup size or two or return to a pre-pregnancy figure. However, it is a good idea to do some research ahead of time to understand the criteria that a given procedure requires. Yor surgeon can also review with you his or her experiences with what types and sizes of implant tend to work best for patients with particular anatomy and goals.


Mitigating Factors

Other issues that should be considered as a part of a consultation include a patient’s future plans. Women who see pregnancy and breastfeeding in their possible future should disclose this information. If there is a planned weight loss surgery or a recent weight gain, this should also be considered. A woman should be at or very close to her ideal weight when undergoing a breast surgery.

Health Disclosures

A large part of a consultation may be dedicated to health history, family risks, and personal activity. A woman who is extremely active may find that a breast augmentation could hinder hardcore workouts. A large change in weight or health might make a surgeon want to wait until the body has somewhat stabilized before considering an optimal plan. The more prepared a woman can be with a detailed and thorough health history during a consultation, the more likely she is to be satisfied with her surgery.


Understanding Why

A critical piece in many plastic surgery consultations has to do with understanding the reasons that a woman may want a change. Ideal candidates have a realistic view of their physical attributes and realistic goals for their procedure. For many women, breast augmentation has helped in transforming their appearance and in gaining greater self-confidence. A plastic surgeon will typically spend time with a patient to ensure that she has realistic expectations.


Logistics and Support

Cosmetic surgery on the breasts is no small feat. It requires adequate healing time with adequate rest and limited strain. To get the most from her new breasts, a woman must be able to secure enough time off of work. She will be restricted from driving, working, and lifting for a period of days to weeks, depending on the extent of the procedure. Surgeons will discuss the recovery needs as a part of consultation to ensure that a woman takes the time and secures the help that she needs.



Because healing takes time, it may be awhile before a patient will see what final results look like from breast surgery. Typically a surgeon will explain what the immediate results will be. They will discuss proper post-care, healing timelines, and what to watch for if there is a concern. A good way to see how results will change over time is to look at before and after surgery photos. The look of post-surgical breasts are likely to change at 6 weeks, 6 months, and one year or more.