Video: Silicone Breast Implants Options


Hi, my name is Dr. Salemy, I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon here in Seattle, Washington. I want to chat a little bit today about some of the different options that are available for silicone implants today. In front of me, I have three of these options, all are silicone cohesive gel breast implants. They’re different companies that make them and they all make I think a really nice product. Here we have what’s called a smooth round implant. We have here a textured rounded implant and then we have an anatomic implant that’s also textured as well.

There are pros and cons to each implant and it’s really important to speak with your plastic surgeon about the pros and cons as they see it, what the advantages are for each approach. The smooth round ones have been available in United States for quite a while, a little more popular options we use and they provide a really nice soft appearance to the breast.

Textured implants similarly can provide a really nice appearance as well. Some folks feel like the texturing can reduce the chance of capsule formation, others don’t think is much of a difference in that, but it can also create a really nice result for the patient.

And in the anatomic implant is sort of tear dropped in shape so it’s flatter at the top, fuller at the bottom and some surgeons think this can create a much more natural appearance to the breast. I think ultimately, it really comes down to the surgeon, your anatomy and the implant size that you’re going for. And the reality is that you can probably get a really nice result with any of these implants, but also it may take having a good conversation with your surgeon about your goals and he can lead you through what best choice is for you.

Thanks a lot and if you have any questions and we always suggest going on the American Board of Plastic Surgeries website, looking for different board-certified plastic surgeon in your area.

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