Cases of Botched Bargain Plastic Surgery Are On The Rise

Bargain Plastic Surgery

Demand for public surgery continues to increase as a growing number of people seek to improve their self-confidence levels and their body image with a more sculpted physique and youthful appearance. Unfortunately, as more people seek plastic surgery, some are turning to bargain procedures from unqualified providers who lack proper training in plastic surgery. When things go wrong, the results of botched plastic surgery can be devastating.  The correction often requires the skills of a real plastic surgeon.

Disturbed by the growing number of patients who are reaching out to them to help fix the problems caused by botched cosmetic procedures, plastic surgeons are taking steps to combat the issue.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has announced that it is launching a new safety campaign intended to help potential plastic surgery patients avoid the nightmare of botched plastic surgery.

The Society is raising awareness by having victims of botched cosmetic surgery share their stories with the goal of having patients recognize that plastic surgery is real surgery and that they need to do their homework before undergoing any plastic procedure.

The safety campaign also educates the potential plastic surgery consumer in several areas, including how to select a surgeon, urging them to pick board certified plastic surgeons who have demonstrated high standards set by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and on electing to have their procedures performed at accredited facilities that are state licensed and certified by respected accrediting organizations.

“Ultimately, we want what our patients want: to have a safe outcome with outstanding results,” says Dr. Shahram Salemy, a board certified plastic surgeon who has been named “One of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons” by the Consumer Research Council of America. “That’s why we encourage patients to pick a surgeon with the proper credentials that they are comfortable with.  Luckily, patients have a number of excellent physicians and practices to consider.”

An award-winning board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Salemy maintains a highly successful private practice and is a clinical instructor position at the University of Washington’s Department of Surgery. Committed to providing his patients a high level of care and a unique and safe experience, he offers custom treatment plans designed to meet patient’s individual aesthetic goals.

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