Top Facial Plastic Surgery Trends for 2015


What trends will shape facial plastic surgery in 2015? According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), the number of cosmetic procedures will continue to increase in 2015 thanks to a strengthening economy, growing consumer awareness and an increasing acceptance of the safety of today’s cosmetic treatments.

When it comes to patients and their expectations, the Academy recognizes that social media will fuel the desire for cosmetic procedures; with so many selfies and photographs on display, people of all ages want to look their best. For help in achieving their aesthetic goals, many are turning to plastic surgeons, who utilize both surgical and non-surgical procedures to improve a patient’s appearance by creating a firmer, more balanced, more youthful look. Another trend forecasted to flourish in 2015 blends function and fashion; a growing number of patients are seeking surgical procedures that both fix health issues and offer cosmetic improvements. The AAFPRS also expects more seniors to give cosmetic treatments a try as newer, less invasive procedures make it easier than ever to retain a youthful appearance.

In terms of procedures, it seems that 2015 will be an especially bright year for eyes as new treatments offer patients safe and effective ways to rejuvenate the delicate areas surrounding the eyes. The AAFPRS also expects the trend of stacking treatments, or combining multiple procedures for maximum effect, to continue to grow. Also, there will be an increase in patients requesting tweaks that erase minor flaws and offer major improvements in their self-esteem. New techniques in fat grafting are also likely to make this one of the most popular tools for facial plastic surgeons. In addition, the Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of new injectables will likely offer patients even more options.

“Patients in all periods of their lives want to look like their best selves,” says Dr. Shahram Salemy, a distinguished, multi-award-winning plastic surgeon who believes the AAFPRS’ predictions are on target. “Skilled plastic surgeons can utilize new tools and techniques to aid their patients in achieving results that are both effective and natural looking.” Dedicated to providing his own patients with positive experiences and exceptional, lasting results, Dr. Salemy offers a wide array of cosmetic treatments at his offices in Seattle and Richland, WA.

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