Untrained Doctors Are Calling Themselves Cosmetic Surgeons

American Society Of Plastic Surgeons

Many doctors performing cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States are not actually cosmetic surgeons.

With the surging popularity of cosmetic surgery, physicians who are not trained in cosmetic surgery are offering cosmetic surgery procedures.  These physicians include dermatologists, family practitioners, gynecologists, dentists and radiologists. While they are medical doctors, they lack the specialized training and certification required of board certified plastic surgeons.

According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons, plastic surgery by doctors without specialized training and in-depth clinical experience is one of the most serious problems in plastic surgery.  A doctor without the in-depth training and experience required for board certification can lack both surgical experience and clinical judgement, which can lead to devastating cosmetic and even health-threatening results for patients.

What is a prospective patient to do? The Society recommends that patients ask for their doctors’ qualifications before undergoing any procedure by checking for board certification specifically in plastic surgery.   Board certification means that the plastic surgeon has met rigorous certification standards set by the American Board of Plastic Surgery: they have graduated from an accredited medical school, completed a minimum of 5 years in an accredited surgical residency, a minimum of 2 years in a plastic surgery residency, and passed a comprehensive oral and written exams. Patients can expect that the board certification process has validated the plastic surgeon’s qualifications and experience needed to make sound judgments that ensure patient safety.

“Requiring doctors to meet strict standards for board certification in plastic surgery protects patients,” explains respected board certified Seattle plastic surgeon Dr. Shahram Salemy.  “It is critical that patients ask questions and do their research. For their own wellbeing, they need to be confident that they have selected a surgeon who has the skills and training to provide excellent results while putting patient safety first.”

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