Abdominal Dermal-Fat Grafts to Increase Gluteal Volume 

Buttock Augmentation

Buttock augmentation is a procedure that is growing in popularity in the United States.  The surgery involves the placement of implants or fat grafts under the skin to firm and enhance the shape of the buttock using a variety of techniques.  A board-certified plastic surgeon can help patients determine which option best suits their unique health situation.

In abdominal dermal-grafts augmentation gluteoplasty, a pair of oval-shaped dermal fat grafts are removed from the patient’s abdomen, de-epithelialized and then placed in subfascial gluteal pockets to sculpt the buttocks.

The procedure provides patients who undergo it with dual benefits.  By requiring the removal of fat grafts from the abdomen, an abdominal dermal-grafts augmentation gluteoplasty allows a plastic surgeon to sculpt the abdomen and the buttocks in a single procedure.

In a study published in The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, a trio of doctors set out to substantiate this technique by reviewing the results of abdominal dermal-grafts augmentation gluteoplasty performed on nine female patients.   The authors determined that the grafts created a significant, lasting increase in gluteal volume and buttock projection, with the exception of one graft that had to be removed due to infection.

“I think the potential advantage is for more fullness/volume.  I personally use fat transfer only (no implants) but this is a technique that I can see us using as well,” says Dr. Shahram Salemy, an award-winning plastic surgeon and a clinical instructor in the plastic surgery division of the University of Washington’s Department of Surgery.  “This is a nice technique. Clearly, choosing the right patients is vital to achieving outstanding results with this procedure. It will be interesting to see the long-term outcomes that result from this procedure. ”

A board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Salemy has authored several peer-reviewed articles that have appeared in major medical journals. In 2014, he received Seattle Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award for “Seattle’s Best Plastic Surgeon and was named “One of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons” by the Consumer Research Council of America for the 9th consecutive year.  He offers his patients personalized treatment plans that can incorporate a wide array of cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, mommy makeovers, tummy tucks and liposuction.

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