Video: How Active Can I Be After a Breast Augmentation?

Hi, this is Dr. Salemy and I’m speaking today from our office here in Seattle. A patient posed a really good question about activity restrictions after breast augmentation. The question was how do we go through several weeks of recovery after surgery without exercising? I got to say this is a really tough problem for most of our patients because we really want them to take it easy. We don’t want them to do any heavy activities, any heavy lifting and certainly not anything that gets their blood pressure heart rate pumping in, at least for the first few weeks after surgery.

Different doctors have different restrictions. Some say after two to three weeks, you’re okay to go and work out, others say six weeks. So it’s really important to communicate with your doctor about it. The best advice I can give you though is your doctors are urging you not to do a certain activity, please listen to that because unfortunately, sometimes patients really can’t take time off from that activity and it ends up causing problems with the implants down the road.

So listen your doctor, [relay] your concerns to them and then with doing that, you’ll be able to decide if the procedure is the right choice for you.

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