Video: Belly Fat Transfer Gives This Woman More Youthful Cheeks


Seattle Fat Transfer

Hi, it’s Dr. Salemy, we’re in our office here in Seattle. We’re going to do a fun procedure today called a fat transfer to the mid face.


Youthful Cheek Volume Restored with Woman’s Own Belly Fat

This is a woman who is overall happy with her appearance but has lost a lot of volume in her cheeks, [which] happens with time and with age. We’re going to take a little fat from her belly and then transferred over to her cheeks to give her a bit more fullness [and] give her a bit more of a youthful look. That volume there and the cheek is what’s lost as we age a bit.

We’re going to start harvesting some of the fat from her belly. What we have here is a 10cc syringe and a 3 millimeter cannula. We put in some numbing medicine since medicine flowed into the fat or into the fat of the belly here and then we’re going to just start slowly harvesting some [fat].

You can see the nice fat coming out hopefully not too much fluid or blood with, it’s just some fat. You can see that so we’re going to get several syringes of that to get prepared for transferring. We’re going to be taking those syringes of fat and we start down in the centrifuge and you can see how now we’ve divided it into the oil layer and the fat layer and the supernatant layer. So this layer down, this flow is going to get rid of that, then we’re going to also get rid of the oil layer at the top sort of a “clearish” layer and then we’ll have just pure fat intact.


Tiny Incisions Are Sufficient

Now, we’re ready to inject the fat. I’m just going to kind of show you what we have here. We have a 1cc syringe of the fat and we have a little blunt tip cannula. And I like to go through the inside of the mouth and we made just a little tiny incision right through the inside of the mouth and go right into there. We’ll do several syringes of that.

We’re just gently layering in the fat now just little bit at a time, we don’t want to just inject a big clump of fat because that won’t really survive if you do that. We’re just gently layering in multiple planes, the multiple layers. The idea is to get that nice fullness right over the mid-face cheek.

So now we’ve completed the fat transfer on the right side, you can see how we have this nice fullness right over the mid face of the most projected part of the cheek and we’re going to go ahead and do the same thing on the other side. You can see how this side is flat for now. When we augment it with the fat, it’ll look a lot nicer in it.

Do the same thing on this side, start to gently inject the fat in just small little bits throughout the left side of the cheek. So we completed the fat transfer now, you can see we have nice fullness and shape to both sides, nice projection. It’s a nice operation to do especially for folks who have lost that volume on their mid-face and they want to get it back.

Thanks a lot.

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