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For a patient, there is more to a medical practice than the doctor. The skills, training, and attitude of the staff have a very important impact on a patient’s overall experience. Both Dr. Salemy and his staff are committed to helping patients receive excellent results and have a wonderful experience at our facility. Most cosmetic surgical procedures can be performed in our fully accredited surgical center, with a degree of privacy and confidentiality not possible at a regular hospital.

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A Distinctive Approach to Plastic Surgery

From the moment you first contact our practice, you’ll be working with helpful, friendly staff who are easy to talk to– including, of course, Dr. Salemy himself. One of the hallmarks of this practice is the personal treatment and individual attention each patient receives, and Dr. Salemy prides himself on being accessible to his patients not only before their procedures but during their recovery as well.

The Initial Consultation Your experience begins with a personal consultation with Dr. Salemy. You should come to your consultation prepared to discuss your concerns and goals frankly with Dr. Salemy, as this is the only way you can benefit from his experience and expertise. And while Dr. Salemy is happy to offer his suggestions as to how to achieve your goals, only you know what you want. After you’ve discussed what you would like to achieve, Dr. Salemy will outline his recommendations and utilize illustrations as well as before and after photos to give you a good idea of what to expect. He’ll clearly describe the suggested procedures and discuss in detail the risks and benefits of each option. After all of your questions are answered, you will meet with Dr. Salemy’s patient care coordinator who will review pricing, find a time for your procedure that works best for you, and review any tests or clearances you may need prior to your procedure.

Pre-Operative Appointment About three weeks before your procedure, you’ll come in for a pre-op appointment. You’ll meet with Dr. Salemy who will completely review your procedure in detail and answer any questions you may have. For this visit, Dr. Salemy encourages you to bring along friends or family who will be helping you with your recovery, as they often have excellent points to review.You may want to write questions down as they occur to you, so you’ll be certain to remember them. You will also meet with our nursing staff and patient care coordinator to review your prescriptions, post-operative after-care, and answer any additional questions.  Your remaining balance is also due at this point.

Your Procedure Dr. Salemy’s patients have their procedures performed in the privacy and comfort of the practice’s own accredited surgical center. After your procedure is complete, you’ll spend a brief time in the recovery room with a recovery room nurse always present. Your recovery will be carefully monitored and you’ll be released as soon as you’re ready to go home (for most patients, in about an hour or two). Meanwhile, one of the nurses will meet with your family or friends and provide written instructions for after-care, covering such items as the use of ice packs, prescriptions, and so forth.

Follow-up Care Our attentive nursing staff will call you after your procedure to check-in. The first follow-up appointment is generally the next day and then again at the one-week mark.  For out-of-town patients, we can arrange for follow-up appointments remotely.


Our Staff

There is no doubt that a surgeon’s team is a reflection of the surgeon himself. Dr. Salemy is honored to be working with an exceptional group of medical professionals, with years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. Their professional and kind demeanor as well as attention to detail truly set the tone of not only Dr. Salemy’s practice but the individual experience of each of his patients. Most of our patients come to know our office staff on a first-name basis, and we strive to have our patients feel comfortable and cared for each and every visit.

Our Office Operating Suite

AAAASF accreditedDr. Salemy is very proud to offer the safety, privacy, and scheduling flexibility of our very own in-office surgical suite. The operating room is staffed by Board-Certified Anesthesiologists who administer the anesthesia for all of Dr. Salemy’s procedures. This operating room is accredited and licensed by the Washington State Department of Health which sets standards of equipment, supplies, and staffing that are unsurpassed, as well as AAAASF, a national ambulatory surgery center accrediting body. These accrediting organizations require regular formal on-site inspections, so you can be assured that the standards of our operating room are exceptional, rigorous, and routinely reviewed and maintained, all in an effort to provide Dr. Salemy’s patients the absolute highest level of care, comfort, and peace of mind.

“During the entire process of planning and designing Dr. Salemy’s Surgery Center, he was always adamant that this facility be exceedingly safe for patients, using the most up-to-date, high-quality equipment, and that all spaces related to the operating environment be designed to ensure patient safety…[and] that all codes-related items were exceeded in the design of the facility. All decisions relating to the size of the various spaces in the surgery center, and the flow of patients, staff, and materials were made with patient safety in mind. All materials selected for this facility were done so with consideration of sterility, cleanliness, and infection control in mind, even if those materials were more expensive than required by code.”

Keith Null, NCARB
Lead Architect, Dr. Salemy’s Surgery Center

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