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What is a Bra Line Back Lift?

Bra Line Back Lift is a body contouring surgery, sometimes referred to as a Back Lift or Upper Back Lift, targeting a specific region of the mid and upper back to create a more pleasing and appealing look. The procedure is done to correct loose, sagging skin or rolls of fatty skin that develop in this area of the back. This condition is common in adults, especially in women where excess fatty rolls, bulging, and sagging skin become common around the bra line – hence the name of the procedure. Overall, patients with different body types, different amounts of excess skin and fat can all benefit from this procedure
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Bra Line Back Lift Posterior PreopBEFORE – Bra Line Back Lift Posterior

Bra Line Back Lift Posterior Postop

AFTER – Bra Line Back Lift Posterior


How is Bra Line Back Lift Different From Liposuction?

Unlike liposuction, which is a procedure to remove excess fatty cells from beneath the skin and relies on the skin to tighten, the Bra Line Back Lift focuses specifically on the removal of excess skin and fat visible in and around the bra line area of the back. By removing this excess sagging skin and fat, it’s possible to improve the visual contour and restore the skin to a much younger, smoother, natural looking state. This procedure can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries as well, including breast lift, breast reduction, and tummy tuck.

Many of our patients in the Seattle, Tri-Cities area, and the greater Washington state as well as Portland, OR region seek to achieve natural looking results. For those that desire a Bra Line Back Lift, Dr. Shahram Salemy, Seattle board certified plastic surgeon, can help remove the unwanted bulge of excess skin and fat and recontour the existing skin with natural looking results.

Who Should get Bra Line Back Lift Surgery?

Any person with sagging skin in the mid to upper back region is potentially a candidate for Bra Line Back Lift surgery. The Bra Line Back Lift surgery is ideal for both women and men who desire body contouring in order to eliminate loose, saggy skin or fatty rolls in the mid and upper back regions.

Seattle Bra Line Back Lift Upper Back Surgery Saggy Skin

The surgery is most common among those who experience a great deal of weight loss as well as aging adults who find their skin beginning to sag or bulge along folds in the back. While other areas of body fat can respond well to diet and exercise, fatty tissue in the back can be considerably more stubborn. This is especially true with rapid, or a large amount of weight loss, such as those who undergo bariatric surgery.

Age plays a major role in the appearance of loose, sagging skin as well. As you age, your skin undergoes a number of changes. This includes loss of fat below the skin in some areas as well a loss of elastin in the skin which can cause skin to hang loosely on the body.

Preparing for Bra Line Back Lift Surgery

While the Bra Line Back Lift is a straightforward procedure, your body is unique and therefore, preparation for surgery may vary. When you meet with Dr. Salemy, you’ll get a detailed briefing of everything involved in your procedure. This includes all the preparation and requirements to ensure you’re ready. This could involve changes or orders by your doctor for things like:

  • Dietary changes
  • Changes in activities
  • A review and potential change in over-the-counter or prescription medications
  • Smoking cessation prior to surgery
  • A physical examination identifying areas of the mid and upper back to be corrected

Any changes recommended prior to surgery are for the purpose of ensuring a more successful operation and post-op recovery.

Overall, preparation for the Bra Line Back Lift is fairly similar to many other body contouring surgeries such as tummy tuck.

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What to Expect During Surgery

Once all pre-op requirements have been met and the day of surgery arrives, your plastic surgeon will review the areas to be corrected in the Bra Line Back Lift surgery. This includes temporarily marking various areas of the skin to identify incision points.
If you wear a bra, it will likely be used as a guide for marking incision points at the top and bottom before an incision line is traced. The line will stretch from the bottom of the right breast all the way around the back to the bottom of the left breast. The goal is to position the incision in such a way that it can be hidden by most bras or swimsuits so that there is no visibility of any surgical scar.

During pre-op you’ll be given a general anesthesia, a combination of medications that place you in a sleep-like state in which you’ll feel no pain or discomfort.

Once the surgery begins, an incision will be made in the identified area of the back, hidden in the bra line. From this incision, excess skin will be removed. Your skin will then be stretched to eliminate wrinkles and folds, then reattached at the incision point. During the procedure, liposuction may be performed as well to address underlying fat. When ready, the skin is sewn together based on vertical line markings to ensure the skin position below and above the incision remains approximately the same. After the incision is closed, bandage or tape is applied over the line.

While the surgical process varies for each patient, the Bra Back Lift Surgery should take about 2 hours.

Post-op Bra Line Back Lift Recovery

Because this is a simpler form of body contouring surgery, it is generally treated as an outpatient procedure. Having the procedure performed by a board certified plastic surgeon at an accredited surgical center increases the chances of achieving the desired results and decreases the chances of any complications, thereby decreasing post op recovery time. Recovery is similar to abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedure, but without drains. Your time in the recovery room is used to allow you to wake from general anesthesia and for the staff to monitor you to ensure there are no immediate complications.

Following your time in the recovery room, you’ll be free to go home with friends or family who can help care for you. You’ll need to have someone drive you home as it’s not safe to operate a vehicle after surgery involving medications and anesthesia.
The at-home recovery period is short; patients typically see a full recovery from surgery after a period of two weeks. During this recovery period, you’ll have limitations placed on your activity which typically include:

  • Abstaining from strenuous lifting
  • Limitations on exercise
  • Limiting certain movements and motions, including stretching
  • Restrictions on wearing bras or similar supportive clothing during recovery
  • Temporary limitations on bathing and immersion in water for at least 24 hours
  • Scheduling to have the first week of recovery off from work

Expect some bruise, pain and swelling, which should dissipate a few days after surgery. As part of your discharge, you’ll be prescribed medication to help with any pain and discomfort. You’ll also be given recommendations for moving as well as recommended positions for laying down and sleeping to minimize discomfort and aid in recovery. Be sure to schedule any required follow-up visits and speak with your surgeon if you have follow-up questions and concerns.

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Risks and Side Effects with Bra Line Back Lift Surgery

It’s important to understand that any surgery, even cosmetic, has potential risks and side effects. These vary from one patient to another and everyone’s experience is different. Most patients have few or none while the occasional patient might experience more side effects. Side effects, risks, and complications are reduced with plastic surgery compared to other more invasive surgeries; however, they do still exist. You may experience none, or some of these after your Bra Line Back Lift surgery. Side effects may go away quickly but have the potential for lasting longer through recovery.

Risks and side effects may include:

  • Pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Bleeding
  • Wound separation
  • Infection
  • Numbness
  • Scar tissue
  • Clots
  • Anesthesia risks
  • Sore throat

While risks and severe side effects are rare, they can be further lessened by working with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon.

Bra Line Back Lift Surgery FAQ

Does the surgery take off inches around the back? (circumference shrink)

Because excess loose skin and fatty tissue are being removed, and the skin is stretched and reconnected, you will notice a loss in circumference around the mid and upper back (the bra area).

Can fatty tissue and sagging skin return?

While it’s rare for the tissue to sag again, it is possible for fatty tissue and skin folds to return. However, the results can last indefinitely by maintaining healthy lifestyle choices.

Is there a visible scar? How big is the scar?

Every surgery has the potential to leave a scar. While the Bra Line Back Lift surgery requires a longer incision across the bra area, the scar is very narrow and typically fades with time.

Is Bra Line Back Lift surgery covered by insurance?

Generally speaking, no. Insurance companies typically don’t cover cosmetic surgery unless they are deemed medically necessary. Consult with your insurance company to confirm.

Why choose a board-certified plastic surgeon?

When you have your procedure performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon you can rest easy knowing your surgeon exceeds the highest standards established by the board and the medical community, assuring that the surgeon has the hands on experience necessary for patient safety and positive surgical results. A board-certified plastic surgeon has met the stringent requirements and credentials that is recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

Can it be performed on other parts of the back?

No, the Bra Line Back Lift surgery is for a specific region of the mid- and upper-back. However, it can be combined with surgeries that address other areas of the back and body including breast lifts, breast reductions, and tummy tucks.

Can excess hanging skin be fixed without surgery?

Once they appear, loose skin and excess fatty tissue rolls around the bra line can only be eliminated and tightened through a surgical procedure.

Does the Bra Line Back Lift surgery also remove fat?

A small amount of fatty tissue may be removed in the process, but the Bra Line Back Lift doesn’t specifically target fat cells. It’s done to remove excess skin. Liposuction is another form of cosmetic surgery that aims to remove actual fat cells from beneath your skin.

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Whatever the cause of loose, excess skin on your back, you should know that you’re not alone. Every day, patients seek the help of a board-certified plastic surgeon to improve the appearance of skin on their back and remove unwanted tissue for a sleek and more contoured back. Thousands of women and men have found satisfaction in their results, with very low complication rates. A key benefit to this body contouring surgery is a short recovery so you can get back to enjoying your life, and your new look.

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