Should Fat Be Transferred from Stomach to Breasts?

Seattle Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer

Traditionally, breast augmentation surgery involved the insertion of implants to create a fuller, rounder, breast profile. For women who wished to avoid using implants, fat transfer breast augmentation surgery, a procedure that involves removing fat from the stomach (or other) area and strategically injecting it into the breasts, has become a more popular option.  But should fat be transferred from the stomach to the breasts?

When used appropriately by experienced plastic surgeons, both breast augmentation techniques can significantly improve a patient’s self-confidence and body image by producing a fuller, more visually attractive bust.  Like implants, fat transfer breast augmentation can be used to repair breast defects, reconstruct a breast that has been lost to illness or trauma, and increase breast size. The procedure can also be very useful in fixing problems with existing implants.

However, while fat transfer breast augmentation can produce impressive cosmetic results, it is not suitable for all patients. “Fat transfers make sense for certain surgeons and certain healthy patients who have the specific anatomy required for it,” explains Seattle’s Dr. Shahram Salemy, a distinguished, multi-award-winning plastic surgeon. According to Dr Salemy, the ideal candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation is a healthy woman with good breast tissue who has a generally nice shape, but wishes to have a modest increase in fullness, in particular at the top of the breast.

Fat transfer breast augmentations are currently gaining in popularity, though they are not yet widely performed or commonly used, and for good reason: there are risks, including the possibility that the fat might not survive.  Consulting with a highly qualified, Board Certified plastic surgeon with experience performing fat transfer breast augmentations can help minimize these risks.

A graduate of Yale University Medical School, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shahram Salemy is one of a rare group of plastic surgeons appointed to serve as Clinical Instructor for the Department of Surgery’s Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Washington. As a Clinical Instructor, he helps train tomorrow’s surgeons in the complex blend of art and science that is plastic surgery. Repeatedly ranked as one of the “America’s Top Plastic Surgeons” by the Consumers Research Council of America, Dr. Salemy believes plastic surgery should be a positive experience with outstanding results. To this end, Dr. Salemy creates customized procedure and care plans for each of the patients he treats at his plastic surgery offices in Seattle and Richland, Washington.

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