Video: Mommy Makeover Helps Mom Reclaim Her Pre-Pregnancy Body

Seattle Mommy Makeover Video

“I feel comfortable in my own skin.”

In this popular mommy makeover video, we follow Sara Hagen from Bozeman, Montana, who, after researching surgeons extensively, traveled across two states to work specifically with Award-Winning Seattle Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shahram Salemy.

Dr. Salemy and his staff helped Sara plan the logistics of her visit, surgery and post-operative care and recovery in Washington.  It helped tremendously however that Sara made for the ideal travel patient: “Sara was sure to very carefully plan her visit with us, took enough time off, had enough support and was mentally ready to have the procedure performed.  She also stayed locally post-surgery to ensure that her recovery went smoothly.  “If a patient is otherwise healthy and in good physical condition, they will make for good candidates like Sara”, explains Dr. Salemy.  “Working closely with your plastic surgeon and the surgeon’s team, as Sara did, can make the entire process go very smoothly.”  In fact, unforeseen circumstances led Dr. Salemy and his team to volunteer their Saturday to accommodate their patient, a fact that Sara is grateful for.

Read the full transcript of the video below.

Sara Hagen from Bozeman, Montana and I had a mommy makeover which included an augmentation, a lift and a tummy tuck.

When you lose that self-confidence that you used to have and you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin and I just felt like there was something that I could do about that and really wanted to look around and see what was possible.

We met Dr. Salemy and he needed some pictures of me before I even came out here so I had to have my husband take pictures of me to send to him and that was the first time I had ever been completely naked in front of my husband of ten years in the daylight.  It’s hard to describe.  I – the confidence that I have now that I don’t think I ever had even before I had my little girls.  I feel comfortable in my own skin, that’s something I never really had before and that has done amazing things for me.

Finding someone like Dr. Salemy, I think, is rare.  I don’t think there are a lot of people in his profession that have the care for people that he has, the desire to really get to know his patients, the desire to really know how they feel.

I got very lucky, I think, to meet him and for me I don’t know how else to thank him but by telling other people how amazing he is.  He’s the real deal!