A Lift Can Give You a Lift!

seattle lift plastic surgery

With dramatically high numbers of aesthetic plastic surgery procedures being performed, it is an affirmation of the field of plastic surgery that recent studies show 87% of patients were satisfied with their aesthetic surgery, including an overall improvement in confidence; 97% said they would recommend surgery to others; and 93% said they would do it again.

While all procedures have seen significant increases, more people than ever are especially choosing some type of “lift” procedure, whether it’s an upper arm lift, a breast lift, thigh lift, lower body lift or tummy tuck.  Since 1997 the number of these 5 lift procedures performed has increased from 360% to a whopping 813%:

Percentage Growth since 1997:

  • Upper Arm Lift 813%
  • Breast Lift 543%
  • Thigh Lift 470%
  • Lower Body Lift 376%
  • Tummy Tuck 360%

Lifting involves removing loose skin and fat in an area to create a smooth profile.  Many candidates for lifting procedures are those who have experienced excessive weight loss thru surgery or dieting; those who lose and gain weight frequently, which stretches the skin; and older folks who experience skin laxity due to pregnancy, tanning, genetics or aging.

According to Dr. Salemy, “it’s generally true that patients will often feel better after a plastic surgery procedure, however it is not just the operation itself that contributes to the positive response, it really is the whole experience.”  Having a capable surgeon, and warm and caring staff, enjoying the appropriate level of attention to detail, and having the benefit of patient education, post-surgery care and a continuing supportive relationship with the surgeon and his staff after the procedure all comprise a patient’s whole experience.  Dr. Salemy also adds that “positive responses to a plastic surgery procedure are always more likely when the patient is physicially ready (i.e. in good health), has considered the procedure carefully and is emotionally ready for the recovery process, has a support system in place, and is comfortable with the financial commitment.  These are all factors that should be carefully discussed with a patient’s plastic surgeon before any procedure is performed.”

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